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3 Things to Get Right When Finding a New Tenant

Here’s our top 3 things to get right when finding a new tenant – from tenant screening to common repairs – all when time matters!

1. Be ready for the deep clean & common items!

The term “tenant turnover” is all inclusive, but there’s a few key items that will always pop up at tenant move ins and move outs. This typically includes deep cleaning the apartment, painting any surfaces that need to be painted and repairing any items that may have broken during the previous tenancy. 

2. Tenant move in checklists

A Tenant move in checklist is critical in our process to moving new tenants in. Without a move in checklist it could be very easy to forget things that need to be done – such as having utilities transferred, changing door codes, creating leases, and ensuring there are no plumbing issues. Your checklist protects you and your tenant’s interests both at move in and move out! Contact us for a copy of our move in / out checklist. 

3. Screening – no, not window screens!

The most important part of getting a new tenant is to screen them properly. 90% of future issues come from poor tenant selection today. It’s critical to verify employment, landlord references, do a proper background check and verify the information in the tenant’s application. We highly recommend if you are looking for a tenant screening service. Of course, should you need any help on finding a new tenant, don’t hesitate to reach out!

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