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Rest easy knowing that we’ve got your back when something breaks.

The solution to your problems

Welcome to the 21st century, where tenants look for frictionless solutions to their problems … like broken things in their apartment! The days of having tenants call in problems that arise are behind us. Tenants can quickly and easily visit our tenant portal (linked here) to report any issues they are having and to begin the process of rectifying the issue. 

Connecticut Property Management serves as the critical liaison between the vendor and the tenant to ensure that maintenance requests get addressed quickly and in a cost-effective manner. 

top down view of various home repair tools

Benefits of preventative maintenance

The majority of rental repair requests are related to plumbing and heating, and many of them can be avoided with some preventative maintenance.

There’s a list of maintenance items that should be done every year, or every two years, depending on the type of equipment in use. At Connecticut Property Management we’ve got these lists ready to go! Our team makes sure we are doing what we can to stay on top of common issues, keeping them from popping up at the most unfortunate of times.