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Property Inspections

Small problems can become big problems, unless you catch them early! 

The best way to mitigate repairs!

One of the most common jobs of a property manager is to do inspections and walk throughs of rental units. By doing these routine checks (we recommend twice a year) a good property manager can catch small issues before they become bigger and more costly. 

The most common things we are looking for are: overall cleanliness, mold in bathrooms and on window sills, any plumbing stoppages, HVAC and appliance condition. 

We also offer these services for properties in Hartford County and Western Massachusetts. If you’re interested, please contact us.

person writing property inspection notes in a journal

When in doubt, inspect it out

Property inspections are a critical part of property management and ensuring that your property is not left neglected. One of the easiest ways to keep tenants happy is to prevent issues from arising. Property inspections help accomplish this. 

Long term tenants are a blessing for landlords and property owners but it’s important to continue to do inspections during their tenancy if they are multi year tenants. We reach out to tenants around lease renewal to do a property inspection if no inspection has been done within the last six months before renewing leases. Although tenants are responsible for keeping smoke detectors operational, this is also a great time to ensure they are still working.