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Property Marketing

Vacancy is the #1 hidden expense that most real estate investors fail to recognize.

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Empty units don't pay the bills!

Every month that your property sits empty is a lost opportunity and costs you roughly 8% of your potential income for the year. We engage the most efficient marketing techniques to get your unit listed quickly and leased to great tenants. 

The best way to find a tenant is to start at the top of the lead generation funnel. The systems that we have built allow inquiring prospects to receive an immediate response when they contact us about a unit or property for rent. By being ready for these inquiries we are able to effectively pre-screen potential tenants in minutes – all without any phone calls.

Our best interests are your best interests

Your property manager is a vital partner in your real estate investing tool box, and their financial interests should align with yours. Therefore, it’s in everyone’s best interests to get your property rented as soon as possible for as much as possible. We employ the skills of professional photographers and social media experts to ensure that we get as much exposure as we can. We have a mere 4% vacancy rate across our entire portfolio. That’s just fifteen days out of an entire year! 

As you may imagine, the best time to be looking for a new tenant was yesterday, and the second best time is now. We don’t wait until a tenant has moved out to begin showing a unit – our leases have provisions that allow for showings during the tenant’s occupancy to minimize the turnover period. Oftentimes turnovers are less than 2-3 weeks!