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Rent collection

Driving from property to property collecting rent? Stop!

Your rent now comes to you!

Your days of chasing rent are behind you. 

We collect the rent on your behalf, pay any expenses throughout the month then send you the net at the end of the month, straight to your bank account. This stress-free experience is what we love to deliver to our clients.

We educate tenants on how to make rent payments and what their options are, both online and through the mail. 


rent collection drop box

Meeting the needs of tenants and landlords

What’s the best way to collect rent from your tenants? 

Whichever works the best for both of you. Connecticut general statutes require landlords to provide a non-electronic option, so plan on having an address for your tenants to pay their rent at or to mail it in to.  If you have a property manager, you’ll be covered, but if  you don’t consider using a 3rd party processing website, most of which are no cost to either party.