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Tenant Screening

90% of tenant related issues can be solved with great screening

The highest ROI on time...

Connecticut Property Management has screened over 4,000 tenants and have moved in over 50 in just the last few years. We’re very proud to say we’ve never had to evict a tenant we’ve placed. 

You can rest assured that each tenant we place has gone through a five step screening process including a background check, social media check, credit report evaluation, income verification, and in-person interview. 

The reality of investing in real estate is that buildings don’t call you with problems, your tenants do – so why not make sure you have great tenants?

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Avoiding evictions saves you money

The average cost of an eviction experienced by CT landlords is almost $5,000, so tenant screening is critical to ensure that you don’t have to evict later on. We have incorporated criteria that ensures tenants can afford a unit and increases the chances that rent will come in on time, month after month with no drama. 

We look at tenant income, rental history, employment history, eviction records, tenant debt payments, and much more to determine which tenant is an ideal fit for a particular unit. By having extensive experience in screening tenants and tenant placement we keep the odds in our favor. The best way to screen a tenant is by first collecting information in the pre-screening questionnaire and again later on in the application phase.